New Brand Partnerships by Coke/Pepsi Link Plastic Bottles With Sustainable Fabrics


Soft-drink companies Coke and Pepsi both have new brand partnerships focused on the recycling of plastic bottles into sustainable fabrics for clothing and apparel.

Last week, PepsiCo brand Mountain Dew announced a partnership with Burton Snowboards, and released a line of t-shirts made from 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% organic cotton. Three different shirts in the line feature eco-themed graphic designs ranging from a drawing of Rube Goldberg-inspired machine that recycles bottles to a snowflake.

Burton and Mountain Dew say the t-shirts are just a taste of what is planned for sustainable fabrics (and the partnership) in Burton’s 2012-2013 product seasons. New outerwear is planned to hit store shelves in fall 2012.

Similarly, Coca-Cola has partnered its bottled-water brand Dasani with New Balance’s recently released newSKY sneakers, which have an upper made from 95% recycled PET plastic bottles.

Together the brands are working to encourage increased recycling, stressing the fact that eight recycled bottles are all that is needed to make the fabric for one new pair of shoes.

New Balance illustrates the process in the video below:


Bart King is a PR consultant and principal of Cleantech Communications, and a regular contributor to Sustainable Life Media



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