Our Values


We demand honesty and ethical practice in our business and personal lives and
are committed to the highest standards of transparency and accountability in
our field. We keep our commitments.


We believe that leadership derives from continuous learning and a commitment to
excellence. We place great value on our team members openly sharing learning
and insights with one another in a supportive, generous manner. We aim to lead
by producing superior outcomes for all of our stakeholders.


We believe that strong collaboration produces better outcomes. We value
proactive planning and strive to be open, forthright, and timely in our
communication. We practice mutual respect and embrace diversity of opinion in
order to encourage open debate and creative thinking and to ultimately enhance
the rigor of our decision-making process. We aspire to be supportive, generous
and helpful in all of our interactions.


We foster innovation and embrace entrepreneurial initiative and resourcefulness
throughout our professional ecosystem. We apply ourselves fully — fostering a
sense of joyful effort in our work.


We recognize our responsibility to live in accord with our values; to be
responsible to the global community at large and to the local communities in
which we live, work, and invest. We endeavor to be good citizens, living
mindfully and in balance with our families, colleagues, communities, and our


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