Our focus is to play a pivotal, innovation role in the process of driving “Sustainable Business Transformation.”   Our approach is to identify science-based, category-creating, consumer-driven, social, environmental and sustainable living solutions, and then help to build them into Sustainable Brands. We seek quick customer validation and then support our clients on a path toward accelerated business adoption and cost-efficient operational scale.

Areas of Involvement:

Science and Intellectual Property

Our team often relies on academics, researchers, scientists, and industry experts to gauge the potential of an innovative solution, for consumer-driven environments.

Business Models

Three types of business models characterize the areas of our involvement:

Enabling Technologies:

Innovative technologies which empower consumers in the areas of health improvement and environmental prediction, prevention, personalization, and performance

Science-Based, Branded Consumer Products, Services and Solutions:

Consumer-targeted products which deliver value to users through differentiated and innovative science, technology or re-positioning.

Innovative Channels:

Novel platforms and distribution networks which deliver products, services and information to consumers


•Strategic Planning
•Employee Engagement
•Internal Communications
•Brand Ambassadorship
•Product & Service Innovations
•Customized Technology – Sustainability/ CSR Platforms
•Gamification Strategy
•Grass Roots/Community-based initiatives
•Social Network Mgmt.

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