Areas of Involvement:

Personalized health solutions, including:

  • Decision-support systems
  • Health information management

Technology or science-enabled solutions for:

  • Promotion of wellness, healthy living and vitality
  • Monitoring or improving health with web-based, digital or mobile tools
  • Empowering behaviour change and healthier lifestyles

Innovative channels for health promotion, including:

  • Digital health media
  • Retail and e-commerce platforms
  • Technology-enabled health delivery, leveraging advances in tele-health and remote monitoring
  • Corporate wellness

Innovations for healthier foods and diet and nutrition, including:

  • Food packaging, processing, and engineering
  • Consumer food safety
  • Traceability


Innovations in Sustainable Living:

Aging In Place

  • Accessible, Low-Cost Housing with Assistive Technologies for Elderly, Disabled, Health-Challenge

Green  Building

  • Sustainable construction products & innovative delivery platforms
  • Energy & Automation Mgmt.
  • Sustainable furnishings & living systems

Sustainable, Clean Energy

  • Energy Management Technologies
  • Pollution reduction

Sustainable Materials

  • Biodegradable innovations
  • Recycled & Eco-Certified Products

Clean Water

  • Water purification
  • Sustainable Water Consumption
  • Water Mgmt Derivatives

Green Media

  • Social Media Networks
  • Gamification
  • Green-powered solutions

Energy Storage and Batteries

Sustainable Agriculture

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